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Involve Your Business Advisors

Improve collaboration with advisors such as your accountant, directors, mentors and other stakeholders in your business. Invite them to join your Advisor Network.

Business Advisors

  1. Enables your accountant to work on your books at his or her convenience from anywhere at any time.
  2. You and your advisors can work simultaneously with your financial data. No more need to send files or faxes between you and your accountant.
  3. Your workload can be shared with your accountant more effectively. You create sales orders, issue invoices and track your stock, while your accountant enters your expenses and helps you track your accounts.
  4. Having advisors who are up-to-date with company information enables you to make better decisions more quickly.

The Advisor Network

  1. One advisor is included free of charge, so that you can invite your accountant as an advisor at no extra expense.
  2. Additional advisors, such as mentors, directors or other stakeholders in your business are charged at discounted user prices. Advisors can be given time limited access.
  3. No additional software to buy or install.

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